Digigor Web Solutions

We provide endtoend marketing technology services designed to boost your online presence and sales capabilities.

  • Web Creation: Beautiful, industry-specific online experiences.
  • Online Presence: Professional business profiles to enhance visibility.
  • Digital Insights: Analytics to understand customer behavior and sales performance.


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Business Essentials

Fundamental tools and services needed to establish a solid business presence online.
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Online Growth

Expand your online reach with advanced web features, SEO, and more.
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Industry Specific Packages

Website packages tailored to the unique needs of your industry.
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Quick Tasks

Buy blocks of time for quick and efficient completion of small tasks.
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Premium Add-ons

Upgrade with advanced features and tools to maximize your marketing effectiveness.
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Get expert guidance for marketing technology, streamline your business with our solutions.
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Website packages tailored to the unique needs of your industry.

Professional Services

Lawyers, accountants, consultants, contractors, trainers, services and more.
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Local Businesses

Restaurants and caf├ęs, salons and spas, online shops and more .
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Healthcare Centers

Healthcare providers, alternative medicine, wellness centers, urgent care and more.
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Festivals & Events

Music, film, cultural and heritage festivals, conferences, expos, trade shows, and more.
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Non-Profit Organizations

Foundations, community groups, institutions, charitable organizations and more.
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Educational Centers

Daycares, schools, online learning platforms, vocationals training and more.
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